About Skooppi

Founded in 1963, the Finnish Association of School and Student Health is a registered association with nearly 500 members. Its purpose is to maintain and develop the professional skills of individuals engaged in the fields of school, adolescent and student health, and to support and promote research and progress in these fields.

Provision of training and education is the most important form of activity. The Association annually organises a spring and autumn seminar, and contributes actively also to training events arranged by other parties.

Contacts are maintained with peer organisations in other countries, as well as with relevant international organisations.The Association is a member in the European Union for School and University Health and Medicine (EUSUHM) www.eusuhm.org.

The Association issues specialist statements and expert opinions in matters related to its field, and works in co-operation with authorities and other organisations.It also contributes to literature and publications in the field, including such fundamental Finnish-language textbooks on school and student health care as ”Kouluterveydenhuolto” (2002) and ”Opiskeluterveys” (2011).

The Association is assigned as the responsible party in the Finnish Medical Association’s (FMA) Committee for Special Competences in Child and School Health Care.

Any person who is engaged or interested in the field of school, adolescent or student health care is welcome to join the membership of the Association.